1. Legal Writing Handbook for Clinical Students
      1. How to Explain a Rule
      2. Ground your Rule Explanation in Binding Authority
      3. Applying the Rule
      1. When and Why to Add Rule Illustrations and Analogy-based Reasoning  
      2. Rule Illustrations can be Written as Parentheticals or In-text
      3. Writing Analogies
      1. Umbrella Paragraphs Defined
      2. Annotated Umbrella Paragraphs as Examples
      1. Show the Reader you are Right Before you Show Them Why the Other Party is Wrong
      2. Be Assertive, not Defensive with Rebuttals
      1. Policy and Equity Arguments
      2. Equity Arguments
      3. Policy Arguments
      1. Headings Explained
      2. Annotated Examples
      1. Issue Statements/Questions Presented
      1. Introduction
      2. Use Facts to Tell your Client’s Story
      3. Make it Persuasive
      4. Selecting Facts
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